Friday, July 31, 2009

Paruppu Podi/Mixed Lentils Spice Powder

Paruppu Podi is a combination of mixed lentils dryroasted and ground along with dry red chillies and black pepper.Whenever my mom makes a sambar/kuzhambu which I  I don't like ,I resort to this.

Piping hot Rice + A Tsp of sesame oil/Ghee + Paruppu Podi = Delish!!!!!!!


Toor Dal - 1/2 cup

Channa Dal - 1/4 cup

Dry red chillies - 6(adjust according to your spice level)

Whole Black pepper corns -3 tsp

Salt to taste

I actually doubled the above recipe,but adjusted amount of chillies and pepper corns according to my taste.


Dry Roast the dhals to a golden brown color.Then dry roast the chillies and black pepper corn seperately.

When cool,grind them to a fine powder adding the required amount of salt.

Serve with hot rice mixed with ghee or sesame oil.


Ann said...

I love this with just plain rice and spoonful of ghee.. Yumm!

Anonymous said...

I like this so Much..too good with lemon rasam...very yummy

Varunavi said...

I love it,nice podi :)

Padma said...

Love this with rice and melted ghee... looks good Ramya .

kittymatti said...

yummmmmmmm!! Mix sadham, neyi, Parupudi and vatha kozhambu & eat..yappa!!! ippave kannu kattudhe!!
Un recipe nanna iruku.. nice post!

Ramya said...

Ann-Thanx a lot

Thanx Anony!!

Thanx Varunavi

Thanx Padma

Kitty-Thanx!!Paruppu podi mixed with vathakozhambu!!YUmm!!!!!