Monday, June 29, 2009

Butter Murukku

My kid's summer vacation has started and i have made a long list of munchies to be made throughout the summer and this one topped the list.He likes this murukku a lot.


Rice flour - 2 cups

Urad Dal/Black Gram flour - 1/2 cup

Asafoetida - 1/2 tsp

Chillipowder - 1 tsp

Melted butter - 2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Oil for frying

Water for mixing the dough


In a bowl,mix the rice flour,urad dal flour,asafoetida,salt,chilli powder and mix well.Add the melted butter and mix till they resemble bread crumbs.Now add water little by little and knead into a soft dough.
Heat oil in a pan.Place a little amount of dough in the murukku press.
Drop a little bit of dough into the oil.If it rises up immediately,then the oil is ready for frying.
Squeeze the murukku press directly into the hot oil in a circular motion.
Fry in high heat for 1 minute.Then in a medium flame fry the murukkus till they become slightly brown in color and there is no more sizzling.
Drain them in a paper towel to remove excess oil.
Allow them to cool.
Store in airtight container.


kittymatti said...

Ramya, ne romba chamathu...i love the way u patiently make all the bakshanams. good job! pic looks munchy crunchy!

Ann said...

Ramya, This looks so crispy and yummy! feel like having them now :(

Ramya said...

Thanx kittymatti..

Ramya said...

Thanx Ann for visiting my blog and for u'r comment.

ARUNA said...

Hi Ramya, thanks for visiting me........and u have a lovely blog too. I love murukku but very lazy to make it at home u know!!!! Ur recipe looks yumm!

Varunavi said...

My kids fav murukku,just yesterday i did ribbon murukku for the kids as they pester for snacks in the summer holidays :)

Vrinda said...

Murukku looks perfect Ramya,cameout so cruchy and crispy..

Ramya said...

Thanx Aruna for visiting my blog and for u'r lovely comment..

Ramya said...

I know Varunavi..My kid too pesters me for snacks..So plannin to try out new snack recipes this summer..Thanx for visiting my blog

Ramya said...

Thanx Vrindha..Butter makes the murukku very crisp and crunchy!!

Viki's Kitchen said...

Murukku looks so authentic and lovely. I would like to know , how u prepared the urid dhal flour.
Thanks a lot:)
Nice preparation for the vacation.

Venkataraman said...

hi ramya, Your preparations look so mouth watering that I want to be with you to eat all those things.
Ammavai polave kai manam!!
Anand is lucky.
Wish you very very happy cooking

Ramya said...

Sorry i skipped that part.Dry roast the urad dal in a pan till a nice aroma comes and is slightly brown in color.Take care not to burn the dal.Grind it in a mixie.Hope this helps..

Ramya said...

CHithi,What a surprise!!
Thanx for u'r comment..Inga vango..Ellam panni podaren :)

EC said...

Looks perfect and tempting..thanks for the entry..Pls add up the link to the event announcement in ur post

Akal's Saappadu said...

my teddies are still waiting for me to do...and they have a long list too, amma this curry, amma this sweet....all of us at home love murukkus!

and btw, thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comment; you've got a lovely blogtoo :)
will be waiting for more recipes....

Ramya said...

Thanx Akal for dropping by my blog..My kid too has made a loooong list of sweets,snacks and cookies to be made for this summer..LOL!!Iam plannin to make a lot of savouries and sweets..Visit me often :)

Jamuna Sundar said...

Ramya murukku is looking good and crispy.