Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crispy Thattai

Thattai is an ideal tea-time snack.It is little bit time consuming than any other snack.But the taste is worth all the effort and hardwork!!

It is usually a must on the list of snacks on Janmashtami.

Actually there are so many versions of this recipe.This one is my mom's.


2 cups - rice flour(You can use store bought,but make sure it is fresh)

Slightly dry roast Urad dal in a pan.Powder it in a mixie.
1/4 cup - Urad dal /Black gram dal flour .

2tsp - chana dal

1 sprig - curry leaves(finely chopped)

1/4 tsp - asafoetida

2 tbsp - melted butter

chilli powder - to taste

salt - to taste

any oil - for frying


Soak the chana dal in water for 2 hours.Drain them completely and keep them aside.In a bowl mix the rice flour,urad dal flour,asafotida,salt,chilli powder,chopped curry leaves,drained chana dal.

Add the melted butter to the flour mixture and mix it well.Then add water little by little and keep on kneading till it becomes a stiff dough.Be careful in not adding too much of water.

Make small balls of the dough.In a well-oiled plastic sheet /ziploc bag pat the balls into thin discs.You can oil your hand if you feel the dough is sticky.Then with a fork prick all over the thattai because we don't want the thattai to puff up like a puri when frying.

Heat the oil in a deep kadai.When the oil is heated up, put a little bit of dough.If it rises up well and sizzles then the oil is ready for frying.If it settles down ,then the oil is not ready yet.

Fry 3 thattai at a time turning them over to ensure both sides are cooked.The thattais are ready to be taken out of oil when you dont hear any sizzling sound and when they attain light golden brown color.

Drain and cool them completely.Then store in an air-tight container.
Iam sending this to Smitha's Colors of Taste-Powders event.The theme for May 2009 is Rice flour.


kittymatti said...

Excellent ramya..! u have done a great job dear

Akal's Saappadu said...

I love thattais, the first snack I rush to buy , as soon as I reach India is this. I've never dared to do it , because I'm afraid it'll be over as soon as I do it (egoist me!);

yours is so perfect, nice crispy I can see the bulged areas in your thattais; and you haven't added sesame seeds to your thattai, this is a new kind for me :) will sure try this one of these days and keep you posted :)

EC said...

Looks to tempting..thanks for the entry