Saturday, November 10, 2012

Badham Halwa/Almond Halwa

Diwali is just round the corner!Hope everyone is gearing up making lots of sweets and savouries.

This year I wanted to try new recipes of sweets and savouries.So I chose the richest halwa of all,the almond halwa /badam halwa.


Almond - 1 cup

Sugar - 1 1/4 cup

Ghee - 1/2(1/4 +1/4) cup melted and warm

Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp optional

Yellow food color - 1/4 tsp

Boiled Milk - 1/2 cup


Soak almonds in water overnight.Remove the skin and grind it in a mixie adding milk.

In a thick bottomed vessel,add the sugar and almond paste and start stirring on a medium flame.

First the mixture will be watery,because the sugar will start to melt.Slowly the paste will start to thicken.

At this point,add the color and ghee.After sometime,the ghee will be absorbed fully.

Keep a greases plate.Take a little bit of halwa and test it by rolling in the plate.If you are able  to make a soft ball,then you have reached the consistency.

In a greased vessel transfer the contents and add the remaining ghee and mix.

Garnish with slivered almonds.


Pooja said...

Hi ramya
sorry for not responding to ur comment in my web page... i was away from the blogosphere for quite sometime. lot of happenings at the home front... hey lovely dish. would like to try it some day.
ramya i am having some problem with my blog page, as u may see for yourself that the links are not accessible.. i just cant reply to any comments, very strange. any help from u?

Anonymous said...


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Delicious looking halwa. Awesome preparation.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Very nice halwa for the festival. Looks very yummy.
Wishing you and family a very happy and prosperous Deepavali dear.