Saturday, August 25, 2012

Homemade Paneer

Ive never made paneer before at home fearing how it will turn out.But when I made my paneer at home I realised how easy it was and Iam never gonna go back to store bought paneer.These paneer cubes were made from low fat milk.


Low fat/2 % milk - 6 cups

Lemon juice - 4 tablespoon

Utensils needed:

Colander lined with cheese cloth

Pan filled with water used as weight.


Heat milk in a thick bottomed vessel on a medium-high flame.Keep stirring intermittently to keep it burning in the bottom.

When milk starts to boil,add 2 tablespoon of lemon juice to the milk and switch of the flame.Stir it.Then add another 2 tablespoon of lemon juice and stir.By this time the milk will start to curdle.If it hasn't,you can add 1 or more tablespoon of lemon juice.

The milk solids will start to separate and you will get a clear yellowish/greenish liquid which is called the whey.

Milk solids separated from the whey

Pour the contents into the cheesecloth lined colander.Rinse it with cold water to get rid of lemon smell.

Gather the ends of the cheese cloth and make it as a bundle and squeeze to remove extra water.

Tie it and hang it for about 30 minutes and allow it to drain.

Bundle tied for the water to drain

Now wrap the paneer and fold the cheesecloth on all the four ends like a square making sure the ends does not crumble.Place weight over for about 1 hour.I used a pan filled with water.

Then refrigerate the block for about 2 hours.It will become firm.Cut into cubes .Use immediately or store the cubes and use the next day.


Hema said...

Very useful post dear..

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

wow - will 2% milk... never tried that...
this paneer sure does taste better than the store bought ones...

Priya said...

Simply love this homemade paneer.Well done.